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Making the most of your day

Ah! Your wedding day is approaching… how exciting!!

Now wedding planning can be stressful and so can the actual day. The anticipation, wanting to make sure everything is perfect or even just being part of the more reserved or shy couples. However, you have or will spend a lot of time planning this day and have or will be spending a decent amount of money on this celebration. Therefore, it is absolutely natural to want to make the most of that day. Enjoying time with your loved ones, creating lasting memories… this is after all one of the reasons you’re bringing everyone together!

Start early

So, making sure that you can enjoy the day actually starts during the planning process.

A lot of decisions need to be made and you have a timeframe to adhere to. However, do not forget to take some breaks. Sometimes, working too hard, for too long on one project can lead to either resenting the project and the process or taking decisions that may not fit with your vision just for the sake of getting the task done.

So allow yourself some time off. Dedicate a weekend, a week or any amount of time you need where wedding talk is prohibited. Have date nights with your spouse to be and be present in the moment.

Leading up to the last few weeks prior the day, put some reminders in your calendar for the ‘must’ tasks that need to be completed by a certain date/time and schedule in some free time to relax and enjoy seeing friends, family you may not have seen for a while and who traveled to be with you on this special day. And of course, do not hesitate to ask for help and delegate where/when you can.

D-day minus 1 week – do not plan too many activities and last-minute tasks. You will need your beauty sleep. Make sure that you have ticked off as much as you can from your to do list prior to that week. And while you’ll want to have pre-nuptial dinners and small celebrations, keep your alcohol intake down. This will help with you health, your skin, your mood and your sleep.

Your wedding team

Another way to make sure that the day goes smoothly and you can relax and enjoy it is to hire a great team. When selecting your vendors, make sure that they not only meet your budget and requirements in terms of services but also that you feel comfortable around them (more specifically the ones you will get to see a lot of on the day: planner/coordinator, photographer, videographer, celebrant…).

Have a plan: make sure everyone knows what, where and when for the services that you have contracted them for. Best way to do this? Work with your vendors on a day of timeline. If you need a template / example of this, download our Day of timeline! Remember to always send this to your vendors approx. 2 weeks prior the day for feedback and advice.

Photo credit: Bogdan Kutylo - Pexels

Be yourself & stay true to your priorities

This is your day and the decisions you have made for this special celebration should represent you as a couple. While I hope that this does not happen to you, you have receive some comments and unsolicited advice regarding your planning process and/or wedding day. That’s ok, everyone has their own opinion but at the end of the day, what makes you happy is what matters.

Photo credit: Riccardo Besciani - Pexels


Sleep – you may be tempted to have a bit of fun the night before, especially if you are having your rehearsal dinner on that day. But remember, a long and emotion filled day is coming up. So make sure to get some good sleep. If needed, schedule a short routine before bed time (meditation, reding a book, listening to relaxing music, taking some alone time… whatever works for you.)

Hydrate and fuel your body - You’ve probably heard this one so many times. And that’s because this are some of the most forgotten details on wedding day. So make sure to have a nourishing breakfast (not over the top either, no one wants to feel bloated or sleepy on their big day) planned and ready, don’t forget lunch and/ or snacks for you and your bridal party and have a water bottle with you from getting out of bed to ceremony time.

Relax – I know, easier said than done. So here’s my tip: delegate and forget about your phone. Make sure that you have a point of contact for vendors and guests and leave the last-minute details to your appointed coordinator (professional or not).

Don’t sweat the small stuff – Chances are something will not go as planned. That’s ok… it will most likely be something that is not paramount to the success of the day and most people will not even notice it. Again, rely on your team to find solutions where and when needed.

Take some time – on the morning before getting ready: take a walk on your own or allocate 15min to meditation, yoga or simply enjoying a cup of coffee away from the commotion; before walking down the aisle: pause take a deep breath and soak it all in… you are about to marry the love of your life; after the ceremony: allocating 15-20 for you and your spouse to step away from the guests, have a chat and laugh and take it all in.

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