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Most commonly forgotten details on wedding day

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

You have spent so much time planning and dreaming about your wedding that you, of course, want to make sure that there is no mishap on the day. So, here’s a last-minute list to make sure you are as prepared as can be and that you do not overlook these most commonly forgotten details and items.

· Ice for the bar (if DIYing bar)

· DIY Décor items + checklist

· Cake topper & cutting set

· Card box & wishing well

· Reserved seating signs (for family members at ceremony)

· Guest book + pens (a few pens… they tend to disappear)

· Point of contact person (name and phone number to all vendors and guests)

· Table numbers & Seating plan

· Gift wrangler

· Photo wrangler + checklist (to make sure family and guest photos run on schedule)

· List of songs & readings

· Bustle video (in case your mother or Bridesmaids cannot be found)

· Invitation, stationery suite and heirlooms for detail photos

· Marriage license (very important!! ;))

· Your vows (very important too… you do not want to be re-writing them the morning of)

· Water & Food (when getting ready, during cocktail hour and dinner – you do not want to pass on your big day!)

· Comfortable shoes (especially if you are not used to wearing heels or want to dance the night away)

· Overnight bag (Yes that dress is amazing, but you’ll want something more comfortable to sleep in and for the next morning!)

· Cash and ID (for both of you)

· Transportation plans (even if a short distance away, make sure everyone knows how they are getting from one place to the other).

· Phone charger

· Vendors meals (please feed your team, they deserve it J )

· Time for the two of you (15-20min away from you guests for the two of you to relax and soak it in)

· Last but not least… your Emergency day kit!

Emergency Kit
Download PDF • 30KB

Photo credit: lll0228 - Getty Images

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