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Styling a wedding on a budget

Having a small budget should never be an obstacle to bringing your vision to life.

Here are a few tips to styling a beautiful wedding on a small budget:

1-Start early

Just like for any other aspect of your big day, research will take a lot of time. This is why I have placed this early on in my planning timeline.

Do your research, compare, work out if your DIY projects are feasibility and how much time will be needed to complete them, figure out when you will need to start looking for vendors, materials…

2- Choose a Style close to your own personal home style

This allows you to use some of your own décor from home. For example use throws, cushions or plants you already own to finish the look you are going for.

Don’t hesitate to ask family and friends if can borrow from them. Have a family member who has beautiful outdoor furniture? How about using those or an outdoor seating area.

3- Thrift stores

Once you have decided the style and gone through what you already own, start looking at thrift stores and search for the items you do not have yet. Some of those may be usable as is, some you may need to be a little creative or bring some love to.

You can also join Facebook groups/community pages and look at what people are selling.

These are great ways to find cheaper options for what you are looking for (and you may even find some gems). They are also more environmentally friendly than buying new from a store and if your wedding style is in line with your own style you may even get to keep some of the pieces for your home décor

I would recommend looking for items you do not need a large quantity of and starting early as it may take some time before you can find all of the items you are looking for. You should also be ready for mismatched items.

4-Options you may not have thought of

Look for flower farms in your area. You may be able to get a large number of blooms and greenery from one or several flower farms and the rest can either be handled by a florist or you could go to the flower market a couple of days prior the wedding (bonus: this could be a great activity to do with your bridal party, family…).

Some flowers and other natural elements could also be foraged eg. branches, sand, rocks…

Check out smaller vendors in your area for items such as candles or favours. Great way to support small businesses and you may be able to get a good deal based on bulk orders.

Reuse items from a friend’s wedding.

And finally, go through your Xmas decoration box! So many pretty items you may be able to use like lights, wreath, table runners…

5-DIY – yes but…

People usually think DIY = cheaper. However, this is not always the case. Do your research and play to your strength:

if you’ve never build furniture or a structure now is probably not best time to start building your own arch.

What raw materials, equipment do you already own? Will it be cheaper to buy those or get it done by a professionals?

Don’t forget to think about transportation to the ceremony and/or reception areas. Do you have the vehicle, trailer… needed or will you need to rent something?

And always be realistic with your time. The sweet spot for DIY projects is 60% by professional – 40% DIY.


If you have quite a few projects, make sure to prioritize them. Putting the less time consuming ones, easiest ones and less important ones to last is probably best to endure you have completed what is most important for the day (eg. Arch vs head table backdrop).

7-Plan B

If you see that you are starting to run out of time, you will need to have plan B in place for those items or be ready to do without.

When researching how easy, time consuming… these projects are to complete, research a plan B (think about time and budget) and know when to call it.

Finally, be confident in your choices. From time you’ve decided on your style, started working on it and time of wedding, trends may have changed, new ideas may have come to you… it does not matter. Know when to stop.

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