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Why hire a Wedding planner

The Wedding Planner, Father of the Bride, Wedding Unplanned…

If you have watched any (or all) of these movies you probably see wedding planners as extravagant characters who will whip up every single little detail of your big day for a small fortune. So let me start by saying this: we are not all extravagant. Let’s just call it being excited and enthusiastic at the idea of being able to help couples creating the perfect celebration. Now that’s been said, we have two statements left, and they usually are correlated:

1) Not all planners cost a fortune.

The cost of a planner depends on a number of elements: the level of service they offer, their experience, the area they work in, the number of hours on the day, the number of staff required on the day… and so much more.

Now that’s not to say that everyone can afford a planner; and that’s absolutely ok: there are other options out there which we will discuss further along in this post.

2) Not all planners will take care of absolutely everything on that planning checklist for your big day.

While being able to hand everything over to a professional and turn up on the big day may sound like a dream to some, a large number of couples actually want to be involved in some way in creating a memorable day of their own.

But there are still quite a few similarities you will find in all planners and those are the reasons for hiring a wedding planner:

1) We become your sounding board

Have an idea for D day but not sure if it will fit in with the vibe/feels/ambiance, not sure if this can be done within your budget? During the initial consultation, we will go through your ideas and thoughts for the big day and give you some tips and advice along the way.

We are also able to offer tips and recommendation on wedding etiquette.

2) We can help you bring your dream to life

Because we know the industry, have experience, follow the trends, we can help you bring that vision to life. Dreaming of your big day is only the first step in creating the prefect celebration day. By hiring a wedding planner, you get access to knowledge, vendors, information and even options you may not have thought of.

We also know how to achieve a certain look/feel/ambiance within a certain budget and can help you find the best solution to meet both your vision and your budget.

3) We can help you solve problems

There will likely be a few issues that will arise as you plan you big day. We have either already faced this issues (or similar issue) with another client or have heard of it from our peers. This means that we are likely to have one or or more solutions to bring to you when this happens

4) We keep you on track

This is no secret: planning a wedding takes time, energy and organization. You will need to research, interview, book vendors, come up with a style/theme, make decisions on attires, linens, flowers… By hiring a wedding planner, you get access to a wealthy source of knowledge and experience in planning big occasions like this. We will be able to let you know when certain aspects of your big day need to be decided on/booked/finalized. Most planners will take you along a personalized planning timeline and therefore be able to keep you on track of your planning journey.

5) We can alleviate some to the stress

Having access to professional knowledge and insight into this industry can help you feel more at ease when the unexpected happens… and yes, something will not go as planned (during the planning process and/or on the day). Your wedding planner is there to help you navigate these times and find the best solutions where needed.

6) We can create the perfect timeline for the day

Every large event needs to have a good plan/timeline to be successful. You want to make sure that everything is set up on time, everyone is ready and knows where to be and that all that has been planned for the day happens on tome and without mishap. A number of vendors will be involved in making this day possible. On top of this, you and your wedding party will have specific duties to perform on the day. And. There may be a need for some last minute set up, moving of chairs, décor… Let your wedding planner design and keep track of this timeline.

7) Your friends and family can enjoy the day with you

You will most likely have friends and family who will offer/be happy to assist you on this journey. And this is great. However, on the day, you may want them to relax and enjoy the festivities with you instead of running around making sure that every little detail is as per your plan. Your wedding planner will be this person, keeping an eye on set ups, checking in on vendors, keeping track of the timing…

So how do you find and choose the best planner for you? Just like for anything else regarding your wedding day: do your research. Know what you kind of service you are looking for and start researching wedding planners in your area. Most will have a list of the different services they offer on their website, usually a full planning package, a partial planning package and a coordination package.

The coordination package may be the solution if you cannot afford a wedding planner. This service usually starts a few week to a month prior the big day – this is when you pass the baton on to your coordinator who then becomes the point of contact for your vendors and finalizes your plans for the day.

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